Map Updates

Please allow up to 48 hours for new contributions to show up on the map.

The Maps


How to Contribute

  1. Check the map for a red line (unresolved mismatch near you.) Click on the line to get the City and OSM names.
  2. Go to the location and check the street signs to see what the 'right' name is.
    Addresses can provide additional clues. So can any local residents you happen upon. :) (See Key:name - OpenStreetMap Wiki for details on naming in OSM.)
  3. Back at your computer, go back to the map and click on the red line again. Then click on the 'way.' This will take you to the location on OpenStreetMaps. Click edit. (You will need to sign up for a free OpenStreetMaps account to edit.) Add a 'fixme:name' tag detailing what you have found.

Thank you for helping make OpenStreetMap more awesome!